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f caviar is largely outnumbered by demand globally. But we still believe the mine of ▓the black gold lies in China," said Xia, who has been with the company since its founding.Xia and Wang Bing, founder of the company, were part

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of a research team funded by the Chinese Academ▓y of Fishery Sciences that helped make sturgeon farming possible in the late 1990s.Li Jun, director▓ of the China Sturgeon Association, gave a more mod▓est prediction. He estimates that by 2020, China will consume 100 tons of caviar every year, accounti

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ne-third of the ▓glob

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ng for one-third of the world's total. Caviar will be an accessible treat for not only the wealthy, but also the middle-income group, he added.The association is formed by dozens of companies involved in the business, including sturgeon farming, processing and feed manufa

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cturing. Li noted ▓that there are no more than five companies in China capable of▓ managing a complete suppl

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